Web page design and updating/conversion packages start as low as $30.00 per page. Site packages are available.

Note: If you are creating a new site, you must supply your text in electronic form.

New Site: Existing Site:
Basic Page: $30.00 $25.00
Complex Page:
(More than 3 graphics and/or table)
$45.00 $35.00
Feedback/Response forms: $10.00/each $10.00/each
Macromedia Flash content: $50.00/each $50.00/each
Custom Graphics: $5.00 to $25.00 $5.00 to $25.00
Scanned Graphics: $5.00/each $5.00/each

Web hosting services are also availible. The server is full-time, 24/7 and has battery backup. The server runs FTP, WWW, E-Mail, DNS, and remote management software. Access rates are as follows:

5 MB (inc. 1 e-mail) $5.00/month
10 MB (inc. 1 e-mail) $10.00/month
25+ MB (inc. 10 e-mail's) $40.00/month

Consulting and Technician services can be tailored to your needs using the following chart. For contract based clients, rates are negotiable:

  Emergency Rates (under 4 hours onsite) Afterhours Rates (after 6:00pm / Saturday Sunday)

Regular Rates (M-F, 9AM-6PM)

Business: Workstation/Desktop $110.00/hr $80.00/hr $60.00/hr
Business: Server/Network/DAW $130.00/hr $100.00/hr $80.00/hr
Home User: Desktop $90.00/hr $60.00/hr N/A

Please Note: There is a one (1) hour minimum charge, and depending on location, travel charges may apply at the appropriate rate - negotiated per call. Remote and Telephone support is charged at the appropriate rate as per the table above. Bills are calculated up to the nearest quarter hour (fifteen minutes).

Rates are subject to change without notice. Business Hourly Rates for both Server and Workstation are negotiable with Service Contracts.

Consulting and Technician Services range from advice on hardware purchases, to the installation and proper setup of said hardware. Installation and configuration of software, removal of spyware/viruses, network installations for both home and business are all available.

HellFire Networks/Michael Morris is certified as a Microsoft Certified Professional, and is also Novell Certified Engineer to provide you with the utmost in choice and value solutions. Also, extensive Linux knowledge is available for both Desktop and Server based solutions, including both setup and repair/recovery.

We also have extensive knowledge of Citrix server soltuions (CSG, MetaFrameXP) as well as any Windows architecture from NT to 2003 servers, from DOS to WinME and XP desktops. For an extensive list of known applications and solutions, please see my resume.


We are registered in the province of Ontario under: HellFire Networks

Our Business number is: 866172786RT0001

You can contact us at: HellFire Networks
Attention: Mike Morris
#1501-500 Duplex Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4R 1V6

Phone: (416) 485-5983 or (416) 885-2289

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